Chicken Satay

Grilled chicken skewers marinated with coconut milk, curry powder, and Thai herbs served with cucumber salad and Thai spicy peanut sauce. 7.50

Crispy Tofu Peanut Sauce

Tofu deep-fried until crispy and golden served with Thai spicy peanut sauce. 6.50

Thai Wings

Crab Rangoon

Crispy fried Wontons loaded with cream cheese and crab meat served with plum sauce. 8

Banana Leaf Prawns

Crispy prawns skewers seasoned and wrapped in pastry rolls and banana leaves served with plum sauce. 8

Fried Spring Rolls

House-made rolls stuffed with seasoned vegetables and bean thread noodles deep-fried to crispy and golden served with plum sauce. 7

Marinated mid joint wings deep-fried until crispy and served with "Nam Jim Jaew" ( Thai dried chili dipping sauce) 8

Sun Dried Thai Jerky

Marinated strips of beef or pork with Thai seasonings deep-fried and served with Sriracha sauce. 7


Pan-fried dumplings filled with seasoned pork and served with soy and vinegar sauce. 6

Tofu Satay 

Fresh Summer Rolls

Rice rolls packed with fresh crisp veggies, basil leaves and rice vermicelli served with peanut dipping sauce. (Choice of Prawns 7.25 and Veggies or Tofu 6.75)

Archa Nine Lettuce Wraps

Shrimps and ground chicken with wide rice noodle on a bed of lettuce topped with crispy shallots, crushed peanuts and served with Thai spicy and sour chili dressing.

Grilled Tofu seasoned with soy sauce and curry powder served with spicy peanut sauce and cucumber salad. 7.50