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Come & Dine at Archa NINE


A fine Thai restaurant, independently owned and family-run, specializing in good times and big plates of tasty Thai food, both traditional and contemporary. The first Archa Nine opened in 2016, while our new little addition opened in the Summer of 2023. We’re proud to have created modern, friendly, and cozy space where Lexington locals regularly enjoy authentic Thai flavors and warmly service without having to leave Lexington! We love it even more when they bring their guests!


The dishes you’ll find here are made from scratch and either adapted from our family recipes we grew up enjoying or inspired by the street food of our home country, Thailand. Chef owner, Tom Rungcharoen and Head Chef Teekatas Bunnag are foodies committed to stringent quality control and sourcing only the best ingredients – spices and seasoning are imported from Thailand and the freshest produce and meat from local suppliers. Most of our wide-ranging menu is also vegan-friendly and many of them can be made completely gluten-free. 


We believe in sharing our cultures through great food that communicates value to those with whom it’s shared. We’re here to change how people think about Thai food and hospitality, one delicious meal at a time. 


We take reservations for parties of all sizes and always have some seats reserved for walk-ins.

You'll leave happy and full, with leftovers and plans of returning.


TWO Locations in LEXINGTON!


Two convenient locations in Lexington offer a unique ambiance and dining experience! Visit our original Todds Road location for delicious Thai staples, fresh Summer Rolls, and Crispy Ducks, or take a short drive to our cute little addition recently opened in the South Elkhorn Village Shopping Complex off of Old Harrodsburg Road for some Roti Mataba, Thai green papaya salad, and mouth-watering Thai Famous Ribs! Above all else, both are excellent places for quality Thai lunch or dinner with a warm, clean, and welcoming ambiance and smiley service staff who know you by your name and favorite drinks! 


Catering & Events


Catering and Events are opportunities for us to work more closely with you and occasions for us to share our dedication to celebration in exciting new ways.


Whether you’re hosting a small family get-together, a large party, business function, or you’re tailgating before a big game, we offer party platters, fully customizable to meet your need and party size.


We deliver everything to you, such as:


- Flavorful options that can please even the pickiest of eaters (vegetarian or gluten-friendly)


- Complimentary rice with every order


- Plates, napkins, cutlery

"Archanai" [āchānai] (adj.)                               
                        - easily trained, well-bred, highborn horses

The word"Archa" itself means horses, while "Archanai" refers to a unique kind of horse or 'thoroughbred horse.' We replaced the 'nai' with 'nine' for the number nine (9) holds cultural significance to the Thai people as it is a lucky number that sounds like "stepping forward" in Thai. The use of the number nine in our name is symbolic of stepping forward in this horse capital of the world. - Archa Nine

Archa Nine's Pad Thai, available at both Old Todds Location and Old Harrodsburg Location.
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